Thursday, April 21, 2011

I stink at my blog

Since Faebook came along it is just easier to put photos on my page and communicate with others that way. I need to be better about my blog though, it is my journal in a way. Many fun things have happened this spring, Kids are kicking butt in golf, Ashlen is getting smarter by the day, Brent and I took a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, Lauren and I went to LV for her 16th bday trip, Lauren got her drivers license, Peyten got detention for high kicking a random locker, ( it was a really high locker so secretly I am pround), Brent went to bat for Peyten with the Principal about the kicking incident cause we thought it was stupid, anyway, more fun things for sure happened but now I am all ticked off about the locker thing again and so I am stumped.

I finally, or Brent should I say, finally broke down and let the kids keep one of the puppies from the last litter. She is a sweet white dog and Peyten named her Sandi. We were thinking of golf names and Sandi stuck. Not sure what kind of a dog she is, she looks like a Lab, but on the smaller side. She is really Peytens dog and he is responsible for her training, or lack of. She mostly barks and pees but is really cute. Smalls, our other dog, tolerates her and looks ticked off when I let her get up on my bed because that is her spot. I have been taking in homeless dogs and their pups now for about a year and love it. I have a very hard time saying good bye when they have to leave but know that I get new ones soon. The current set that we have are adorable, the smallest ones we have had so far. The mom is some sort of a smaller mix, really sweet. Ashlen loves playing with them and plays pretend with them for hours. She was in the hot tub the other day and had two of them in there with her, just hanging out.

Laurens school golf team won their district golf tournament and so they are in Waco now playing in Regionals. Brent went over there last night to watch her final round today. She has really improved this year and seems to love it. Why didn't I play golf when I was younger, what a great sport for a girl. She is getting amazing grades this year and only has 56 tardies in seminary. At least she goes and loves it, just can't quite get there in time. It does start at 5:50 am and it does take time to look amazing everyday!!!! I love teenage girls!!!

The boys drive me crazy most days, they argue on the way to school and then on the way home. I couldn't stand it the other day so i set the timer and made them hug it out for one minute. Peyten also is wanting to have a girlfriend and asks almost everyday why he can't. I guess there is a girl at school who likes him and her likes her too, so what else is there when you are 11. He is a chick magnet, just like his daddy was. Austen plays it cool with girls, my friend told me he has the it factor with the girls, whatever that means. I just know that they say hi to him kindof funny like and he nods his head at them and says, "hey". When you got it you got it, sorry boys, Austen's got it. Puberty is finally catching up with him, next year could be interesting.

Last I need to tell you a funny story about my niece Olivia. She brought home some of her work that they had been working on at school. This is it:


the child family said...

oh, I love your family. I can totally picture Austen having the it factor and everything else you talked about. I stink at blogging too but at least we get something in once in a while, right? I'm just wondering how it's fair that you and Brent get to go so many fun places??

missy said...

I love the way you see/say things. Always good for a laugh. :) It's nice to read your random blurbs here since I'm not on facebook. I'm glad you haven't given up the blogging entirely!

hapi said...

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